When Hitting Something Is A Good Thing…

We live in stressful times, no doubt about it. The emotions and physical effects we experience from stressful situations have evolved exponentially since Neolithic times when stress was simply the body’s natural response to danger. Among the vast family of negative responses to modern day stress, frustration and anger are like ugly step siblings - related to each other and always a bad influence on you.


Not releasing stress of this kind can have extremely harmful effects. If suppressed or harbored, these emotions can adversely affect us at a cellular level, causing serious health complications such as organ failure, cancer and heart disease, not to mention a danger to others if a sudden uncontrollable anger outburst results in physical harm to someone nearby. The feeling of wanting to hit something is the most common expression of anger release, so why not do just that and get fit at the same time by integrating it into your workout?!

The most common example combative fitness is boxing. Whether it’s flailing away on a heavy bag, or ducking and weaving some focus pads, boxing inspired training is always a hit (pun intended) when it comes to maximizing motivation levels, while and minimizing stress levels. Kick boxing and other martial arts are also being turned into safe versions of fitness for all shapes and sizes. Women in particular love it, with the added self defense element of boxing giving a sense of power, and more confidence in their daily lives.

So if striking with your hands can produce such benefits, imagine using your whole body to drive a heavy bag to the floor, landing on top in the most dominant fashion, bouncing to your feet and repeating the sequence until your legs are heavy and lunges are burning.

This is Rugby Method...a new system of fitness which contains a combative element, together with various other enjoyable activities inspired by training methods of the increasingly popular sport of rugby.

So next time you are feeling anger, frustration, and in need of a sweat...take it out on the tackle bag at a Rugby Method session. You’ll feel a truckload better, and nobody gets hurt in the process!

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