The Color System

The Rugby Method Color System is designed to provide the following:

  • Appropriate difficulty and intensity of activity for various fitness levels and skill ability of participants.
  • A level playing field for competition between participants.
  • Incentive for participants to improve fitness and ability.
  • Motivation for participants through providing benchmarks for comparison.

color system b+w


Participants are welcome to perform exercises at a level higher than their corresponding wrist band color. The color system provides a guideline to follow and helps maintain flow in sessions, so leave your egos at home and only perform at a higher level if you can handle it and you're not holding anyone up!

If you're not sure what category you fit into for your first session, take THIS QUIZ to give you a general idea.



You deserve a wristband for just turning up...and it shall be white. 

It will be easy to determine first timers to Rugby Method sessions, because the white band need only be worn that once. You should be very proud of your white band as it is a symbol of a new and exciting journey!


The Yellow band is awarded to those who come back after their first session, and must be worn 3 times before qualifying for an attempt at progressing to the next level. Performing exercises at the Yellow, or "Rookie" level, is typically suited to those whom have let their fitness go, not confident in their skills/coordination or recovering from injury. 


The Red band is the next level for those more confident in their fitness and skill. The rank of SEMI PRO suggests competence, yet also plenty of room for improvement. Someone may consider themselves more capable of performing at the Red level, and are welcome to do so during sessions, but must wear a Yellow band until they have completed 3 Rugby Method group classes or 1 v 1 sessions before earning the right to wear a Red band.



The Blue band is for the advanced and hardcore Rugby Methodists. Anybody wearing a Blue band would probably not look out of place at a Professional Rugby team's practice session, hence the ranking of "PRO". To become PRO, one needs to display superior strength, agility, fitness, skill and would normally set the pace on any races and lead their team during games. Think you have theses qualities? just need to spend 5 Rugby Method sessions in a red band before being eligible to qualify...



Similar to the Black belt in Karate, this level is reserved for the gurus, the masters, the top of the top...or in sporting terms, these would be your "HALL OF FAMERS".  Only if somebody has worn the Blue band 15 times can they be considered Black band material. So the only Black band you're likely to see regularly is on the wrist of your trusty trainer...